The NEW Senses Aluminium No-Sew Bottom Bar

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The Aluminium No-Sew Bottom Bar is robust, durable and its aesthetic design means customers have the option to fabric wrap the bar or leave the metal revealed. It combines the perfect high-end finish of the Senses® colours with the technical benefits of the no-sew system. Available in our Senses® colour range white, cream, silver, bronze, and black, this extensive range enables the bottom bar to match any contemporary or traditional interior design look, as well as matching existing Senses® headrails. Rails will be available in 4 meter lengths packed in quantities of 48 meters. Another benefit of the new bottom bar is that it comes with new endcaps that are designed to fit both aluminium and PVC bottom bars. Endcaps come in an extensive range of colours including White, Cream, Brown, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Steel, Chrome and Black Chrome.

The new Aluminium No-Sew Bottom Bar is designed to provide a roller bottom bar more durable at maintaining a straight bottom edge. Using aluminium instead of PVC does not only create a sense of allure but it is much stiffer and stronger than previous PVC versions. Customers will benefit greatly from the sturdiness that the aluminium provides, especially when wider blinds are being fitted. The no-sew tooling for the bottom bar is very easy to install and the system does not damage the fabric in any way during instalment.  

- 5 stunning colours to co-ordinate with Senses Fascia (White, Cream, Silver, Bronze & Black)
- Endcap colour options (White, Cream, Brown, Brushed Bronze, Black Chrome, Chrome & Brushed Steel)
- Simple to assemble and install
- Stiffer, stronger aluminium bottom bar
- Fabric wrap or revealed metal finish options
- No-Sew Tooling available
- Fabric will remain undamaged 





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