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Flame Retardant Fabric

Consumers look at colour, texture and pattern when choosing their perfect blind. However there are secondary properties which should be considered as just as important. Fire hazards can pose a risk in every home, from cooking in the kitchen to lighting candles in the living room.


With this in mind Eclipse has a wide range of certified flame retardant fabrics across Roller, Vertical, Pleated and Hive blinds. Flame retardant coatings prevent the spread of fire giving the consumer peace of mind.


Our flame retardant products for Roller and Vertical are Palette and Banlight, with over 100 colour options to choose from. Don’t forget to also look out for our Pleated and Hive flame retardant ranges.

Show your customers the below video to illustrate the importance of using an FR coated fabric. The difference between FR and Non FR coated fabrics is astounding!

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