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Trending Colour - Orange

‘Shocking Orange’

Orange is the latest colour trend to cause a stir, with its powerful and energetic vibrancy.


A sunset can set fire to the imagination, with dusk turning into darkness; a brilliant, strong fire erupts throughout the sky. This colour is bursting with energy, stimulation, vibrancy and warmth.

Compared to a harsh red, orange can be seen as soft and pleasant, perfect to be used throughout all areas of the home, enhancing vitality.

Positioned alongside a strong cerise and crisp white, Orange becomes extremely desirable therefore a print such as Azzura Burnt Orange is the perfect combination as this can be tied in with pink, grey, or white furnishings.

Turn up the heat and dazzle consumers with bold, bright and punchy orange.


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                 (Azzura Burnt Orange, Palette Mandarin, Palette Pink, Palette Tidal, Palette White)

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