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Trending Colour - Green

‘Go Green’

Like putting a plant in a room, green brings the space to life.

Influence consumers by going green and creating a statement.

Green is the colour of life, growth and prosperity, promoting a sense of relaxation away from the stresses of everyday, restoring us back to a feeling of well-being and calm. Green can be easily combined with bursts of pink interiors such as cushions or walls to create a prominent fun flair to any room.


Inspire customers with softer hues, such as Palette Green or Atlantex Fresh Apple, which is more suited to a kitchen environment where there is a feeling of wholeness.

Darker hues such as a rich emerald are also incredibly prominent this season, richer and warmer seems to transcend all trends, with green introducing a harmonious, fresh vibe in both modern and traditional spaces. The bedroom or living space such as the conservatory would be the perfect environment; be inspired with prints of geometric patterns in neutral or grey hues.

Stimulate customers with regal opulence adding accessories such as braids or eyelets creating show stopping drama.


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        (Spectrum Lime, Palette Green, Atlantex asc Fresh Apple, Atlantex asc Hunter Green, Hex Pearl)

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