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Vibrant colours are on trend.  A pop of colour in your display is an easy eye-catching way to gain attention and inspire your customer.  Colour can ignite the senses and add excitement to an otherwise, dull room!  Colour is also a non-verbal method of communicating. Let’s take a closer look…

Reds indicate passion and energy.


        Red4  Red2  Red3  Red5  Red1

(Oasis Lychee, Palette Scarlet, Oasis Scarlet, Citadel Rust, Odessa Redcurrant)


Blues provide tranquillity and harmony.

Palette Sky Kitchen Vertical

       sky1  topaz2  atlan3  marina1  dark5  

(Palette Sky, Topaz Steel, Atlantex asc Blue, Palette Marina, Atlantex asc Dark Blue)


Green has connotations of growth and prosperity.

Tropics Verde Sitting Area Roller

       fresh apple  Green1  Green2  Green3  emerald

(Palette Fresh Apple, Palette Lime Green, Palette Green, Atlantex Hunter Green, Oasis Emerald)

White indicates peace, cleanliness and innocence.

Clara Snowdrop Bathoom

       pearl1  White1  White2  aspen4  White3

(Oasis Pearl, Dew Ivory, Banlight FR Optic White, Aspen Parchment, Clara Snowdrop)


Use this colourful video in your showroom alongside your bright/bold displays. Be inspiring! Be creative! Let your imagination run wild. 

Choose COLOUR!  


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