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Have you considered Energy Saving blinds?

Many people may be considering purchasing new blinds, however they may be deterred by an unwillingness to spend on unnecessary purchases. With the current financial climate, people are looking to reduce costs to meet the financial demands of modern Britain. But what if a purchase was to pay for itself? Would it then be valued credible? Or even essential?

Blinds are one such purchase that you can expect to see a return on your investment. The average household can expect to see a 15% annual saving on energy bills by installing energy efficient blinds. Not only do window blinds save you money, they can make your home a more relaxing and comfortable environment to live in.

On especially warm days an unprotected conservatory can have 'the greenhouse effect', leaving it uninhabitable due to extreme heat. This is caused by infrared radiation transmitting through, and being absorbed by the glass. Eclipse offer Advanced Solar Control (ASC) technology in their specially coated fabrics that reflect solar radiation, reducing up to 66% of heat build up.

Pleated Fabrics

In contrast, poorly insulated windows on a bitter winter night will see an alarming rate of heat loss (20% in some cases), leaving your home extremely cold, not to mention the negative impact on your energy bills. Blinds can resolve this problem by trapping cold air between the window and the room, creating an air pocket that helps keep warm air from escaping through windows. Duette Pleated blinds have a special honeycomb design that provides an additional layer within the fabric to protect against heat loss. Along with standard shading, they also offer a blackout option which further increases the effectiveness of reduced solar buildup, whilst completely blocking any unwanted incoming light, perfect for bedrooms or offices.


The Unipleat collection of Pleated and Duette blinds offer a wide choice of style and colour combined with functionality with sixteen individual ranges on offer containing 131 fabric designs. Blinds can be more than just an interior design decoration, they can make a difference in your home in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. Any blinds should be paired with double glazed windows for maximal efficiency.

With this in mind, why not find out what blinds can do for your home and invest in energy saving blinds from Eclipse.

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