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Power of Colour and Design

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In the world of interiors it is the big spaces that often receive "the power of one" by introducing one paint colour or one style of wall paper to this expansive canvas. The question to be asked is "does this one colour or texture express the personality of its creator or owner"

While this one colour is a back drop to any room it is the detail of the small items that create the real personality in a room. In small doses or vibrant blocks, strong colours will energise any space, so be bold with these small items. Should it be artwork or accessories you need to emphasise the tones while keeping the impact of the furniture quite neutral.

Choose tonal colours such as blue-greens or pinks, then add one sharper colour such as a yellow or orange for a modern take.

Add a feel of summer to your room with fresh aqua colours combined with sharp yellows or simply add a softer touch with an introduction of a vibrant floral colour.

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