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Interior Designer

Interior Designer

When someone employs the services of an Interior designer, they do this with an expectation that they will get something a little bit better than their own skills will allow. They expect the space or room to come to life with a story of texture, pattern and colour that suits their taste and budget. This is the skill an interior designer brings in filling this void of ideas by adapting the products they have in their portfolio.

Understanding what the needs are for an interior designer is a must. Interior designers are not always about trying to create a wow factor by bringing an array of colours to a room but are looking for opportunities within a room or space to give some expression. The window is one of these very spaces that is underutilised, due to the perception that the necessity is to put a blind in the window for functionality of privacy and light control instead of style.

At Eclipse we understand this same principle that a window is an ideal way to express a style or taste, with our encompassing brand of "design for windows". It is important to give the interior designer a balance of products that can range from plain colours like punchy reds, oranges & purples to subtle textures that compliment almost any interior design. This can only be achieved with market research and forward thinking that will put collections and offers in the market that will hold up to the change of time by been on trend now and the next few years after.

Interior designers do not want to feel restricted in their choice of window coverings or feel that they need to change a décor to suit the window. It should be the window covering that compliments the other interior design choices in a room.

It has to be the responsibility of the blind designer to tailor to the needs of the interior designer in giving them inspiration combined with innovation. Eclipse has managed to do this with their new Style Studio collection in thinking outside the box when creating the offer. Eclipse has demonstrated that blinds can have exciting on trend colours, combined with designs that cover the taste for classic, modern or chic patterns. Eclipse is responsible for forging the thinking that blinds have a place in this modern world of choice and design

In an age where people have easy access to trends & colours through the internet, high street stores and magazines it becomes more important to satisfy these wants and desires. The interior designer also had these needs that need to be easily accessible not just in product format but also electronic format. Offering a sample service to the interior designer or end consumer that can be ordered online with next day delivery is a step forward in helping to achieve this flexibility required by the interior designer.

Interior designer everyday or to feel like an interior designer in your own home is about having the tools to fulfil your wants, which Eclipse will strive to bring you now and in the future.

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